Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Coronation has been postponed or "Put Down the Banana"

Okay, so maybe you think that last post was a little one-sided. Justin Trudeau did not come out looking as well-coiffed and charismatic in my writing as he does in person. You have a point, so let me explain why I wrote it that way. It's the truth.

He is probably a decent guy with dreams of his own and I would never take that away from him. Honestly, I was one of the first to support his efforts when he called for change. After all, that is what is driving most of Canada right now. We are fed up and angry with the way things are going and perhaps this blog is my bitter disappointment showing. I waited for the fervor and excitement to die down a bit so real issues could be discussed and I could make an informed decision. It was not to be.

His Facebook Page says things like the young people of Idle No More have energy but need leaders to channel that energy. Really? I think First Nations have leaders who have managed to do that very nicely already. Perhaps he meant 'control' that energy and not embarrass us in front of the U.N. on silly things like food, healthcare, and education standards. Or perhaps he meant he loves the energy of young people but their ideas are stupid and pointless without a powerful leader to tell them what they should be doing.

Either way, the message is the same.

Way back while I was still feeling hopeful, I added a suggestion on the page that maybe some policies would be nice, some direct answers on issues that concern a lot of Canadians. I was told by one of the women in charge of the page that we just have to trust Justin to make those decisions for us. When I suggested that maybe voting is about choosing a representative who listens and acts on the wishes of the people, she replied that she certainly had no idea what the best decisions might be and that's why we have elected officials.

"They are supposed to make decisions for us because they know more."

Did she mean deciding all those icky, thought-demanding things like trade agreements maybe? I wonder if she realizes this was the case presented back in the early 20th century against women attaining the right to vote. Sorry, Justin. No matter how engagingly you work a crowd, I am not going to pick up the banana. There's just too much at stake. You demanded an extension for the Leadership race because your supporters didn't bother to register. Maybe you need to show them where the little clicky thing is... just sayin'.

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