Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CETA: Dancing with the Devil?

If you read the articles hitting the Internet in the last few days, it would seem as if anyone who doesn't agree with the Canadian-European trade agreement, as presented in CETA, has a screw loose. Even our government Internet pages have been removed or changed to provide less information in some areas and what amounts to propaganda in others. This is disturbing in itself, but I'm getting used to such actions from the Harperist regime - but I digress. While the main focus has been on how Canadians can possibly cash in on this, not one article is mentioning what European companies have to gain and this puzzles me.

Let's look at Nestlé. This is a huge company that presents itself as the number one health and wellness company in the world. No, I'm not making this up. It says so on their website. However, I can't find one product in the Nestlé list that is not processed, so how can this be? Let's ask the former CEO and current Chairman of the Board of Directors, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe (PB-L).

According to PB-L:
  • GMOs are healthy and organic food is not necessary.
  • Water is not a human right and should be marketed like any other foodstuff.
  • Nature is not good. It is pitiless and needs [corporate] intervention..
  • Working more for companies and for longer hours is good for you.
  • Companies should be able to claim and patent uses for common plants.
Okay, he might be a little extreme but what has this got to do with Canada? Well, how about the fact that this agreement means that European companies can bid on municipal contracts and must be awarded if they provide the lowest bid? I don't really want Nestlé operating my municipal water or governing my local farmer`s markets. Think that can't happen? Think again. The price for such 'generosity' is our freedom. 

Hitler didn't seem crazy to the people of Germany at the time of economic crisis.

What? I'm bringing Hitler into it? You bet and it is not a case of 'Godwin's Law'. Hitler had company in people like Stalin and Mussolini. All used the same techniques.This is about seducing people into being cared for by a few select companies working through government. Work will set you free. In case that's not familiar to you, it graced the gates of several Nazi concentration camps.These things creep up on us later but one thing remains true. If you give up your freedom for any kind of promise, you lose it forever. Just step back a moment and get an aerial view. New World Order is the stuff of crazy conspiracy theorists. Strong Globalization is the way of the future. Just remember they are exactly the same thing.

Some very interesting similarities in outlook:

Now I'm not saying that Brabeck is Hitler but the videos do have some strikingly common elements. Whether or not you find them disturbing is a matter of how you view them. If you find yourself agreeing with the philosophy, that's fine. Just remember that it did lead to something rather sinister last time. Will it again? There is no way to tell at this point but, for me, it's enough to know the potential is there. I'd rather not make this kind of mistake and centralize control to such an alarming degree. Do you think it's worth it? We are a nation of pioneers and hardy First Nations people, not peasants. Let's act like it and keep Canada for Canadians.

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  1. Few corporations, if any, provide a product one can't do without.

    Guess that's why it is important to Nestle that water not be thought of as something one should be able to just get.

    1. There is no control if people can access water and food freely. I found his gesture with regard to providing water to the poor rather disturbing. Body language is very telling. I hope we manage to be heard in Geneva though - how sad that first world nations are now appealing to the U.N. for help and intervention. Thanks for commenting!

    2. I like how the Euro guy in the top video said something about how there's been no health problems after 15 years of eating GMOs in America.

      Guess he's never stopped to consider the health problems that arise from using Roundup...which has caused horrific amounts of birth defects, cancers, and deaths for those living near the soy fields of Argentian.

    3. It is not in the interests of the company to find any problem with such things. One can only guess at the agenda, and it isn't looking good for humanity. He is conveniently making a lot of stupid errors in his interview - or maybe he assumes we are all too stupid or it's no longer a problem even if we aren't - like the reference to work and then the admiration for the almost vacant Japanese factory.

  2. There are no words for how incredibly stupid or (EVIL) Bilderberger is.

    1. I agree. Time will tell which one but meanwhile, I'd rather not 'buy' into the philosophy. We've been there, done that. Thanks, Mark.